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Replenishment process in EWM

In warehousing, replenishment is the movement of inventory from reserve location (full pallet picking area) to pick face (termed as case picking or shipment locations)

Three main replenishment methods are

Demand Replenishment – If the number of picking location is a constraint then it is always advisable to look for demand replenishment method. This method will help to move only inventory that is needed to fulfill an order or group of orders

Routine / Triggered Replenishment – When the demand is static and minimum and maximum requirement can be predicted then it is advisable to adopt the routine or triggered replenishment. This will ensure that movement of stock triggered from reserve location to pick face when inventory reaches a minimum threshold

Top-Off Replenishment– Generally this relates to any unexpected demand (Not a regular requirement) or in other word when warehouse gets a notification that they have to fulfill a large order then they can proactively top off the pick face with addition stock so that requirement can be fulfilled.

Type of replenishment and configuration in SAP EWM

Apart from above setting, Storage type search related setting also need to be maintained so that system can create Warehouse Task if Warehouse Task immediately is selected while defining the replenishment strategy for storage type.

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