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Common term difference in between WM and EWM

  1. Plant is called as Supply chain unit

  2. Movement type is termed as Warehouse process type

  3. Transfer order / Transfer order line item --> Warehouse Order / Warehouse Task

  4. Transfer request ---> Warehouse request

    1. Stock category, Unrestricted stock is divided into two part F1- Unrestricted use in putaway, F2- Unrestricted use in Warehouse,

  5. Quality stock in ECC ---> EWM( Q3 - Stock in Quality in Putaway, Q4 - Stock in Quality in warehouse)

  6. Block stock in ECC --> EWM (B5 - Block stock in Putaway, B6- Block in warehouse)

In ECC you assign a warehouse to a plant + storage location combination, During EWM configuration you still assign ECC warehouse to plant + storage location combination however one more additional configuration is required to map the ECC warehouse to EWM warehouse and then assign a supply chain unit to EWM warehouse

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